sautéed watermelon with balsamic reduction.

When it comes to melons, I only have one joke. Melon 1: Honey, do ya love me? Melon 2: Yes, but we can’t elope. So, yeah.  But this post isn’t about honeydew or cantaloupe.  Nope.   The glory here is all watermelon. Here is my adventure in eating-from-the-hip that produced some money results.  Twice tested by […]

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After hanging out with my mom at the beach for a week, I’ve got her afternoon routine down: Me (coming up from the beach): What are you doing now? Mom: Appetizers! Me (incredulous that people cook while on vacation): What?  You make appetizers at the beach? Mom: Yes.  And I need a glass of wine. […]

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The literature on writing blogs is very clear.  You should choose your focus and stick with it.  Narrow is good.  Find a niche.

I tried.  I really did.  I tried so hard I ended up with 10 different blogs.  In frustration, I took to tweeting using various hashtags.  While this was a solution of sorts, it didn’t really give me the space to document with depth or properly ponder issues and experiences.

Here it is then.  A broader space.  Lots of topics under the focus of living,  just waiting to be subdivided as I see fit.